Why Learn to Dance With Us?

LatinGroove Dance is one of the most recognized salsa and bachata schools in the Tampa Bay area. Offering a dynamic and effective structure to teach you salsa and bachata while delivering a little bit of Caribbean flavor to the dance floor.

Latin Groove offers Salsa Classes, Bachata classes, Cha-Cha classes and more. We provide a well rounded and professional staff teaching the hottest and most innovative moves in the Salsa scene.

Whether you have never danced before, have two left feet or grew up dancing and want to add some flare to your style in the dance of your choice, Latin Groove Dance Academy has a class that is right for you!

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Salsa Classses

Our salsa classes are offered in a 6 week progressive course designed to advance a student from a beginner to an intermediate level and intermediate to an advanced level. You will be learning fundamental footwork and universal partner work which you will be able to use internationally, in a fun and challenging environment!

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Bachata Classes

Bachata has quickly become one of the most popular dances worldwide in the Latin dance community. We have designed a six week progressive course where you will learn basic bachata steps with hip and body movement, turns and turn patterns, Dominican footwork and syncopation to get you out on the floor. If you want to dance bachata and you want to look good doing it, this is the class for you.

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Private Lessons

There are many reasons a student can benefit from private lessons. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you can take private salsa classes or bachata classes from any of our professional dance instructors. Individual classes or packages available.